New Orleans Gold Coins- 1846-O $10

This has been a favorite "sleeper" date of mine for years and it remains so even in 2015. The 1846-O is not often seen above the EF45 to AU53 range, and when it is it tends to be abraded, bright, and unappealing. While certainly not in the same rarity class as the 1841-O or 1849-O, the 1846-O is one of the rarest New Orleans eagles from the 1840's and it remains extremely rare in Uncirculated with just four known to me. … [Read more...]

1845-O $10 Gold Liberty

Production of eagles at New Orleans was reduced to just 47,000 coins in 1845, yet the 1845-O is only a touch scarcer than the 1843-O and 1844-O. As with both of those dates, the 1845-O is extremely rare in Uncirculated with around six or seven known. The 1845-O is also very scarce to rare in the higher AU grades, especially with natural color and choice surfaces. When available the typical piece is in the EF-40 to AU-50 range and tends to be both abraded and unappealing. Overall Rarity Ranking: 16th of 21 … [Read more...]

New Orleans Gold Coins

The No Motto Eagles from New Orleans make an excellent set for the specialized collector. There are no "impossible" dates, although many of these issues will prove very difficult to find in the higher circulated grades, especially with good eye appeal and choice surfaces. Production of eagles at the New Orleans mint didn't begin until 1841; two years after the introduction of the quarter eagle, and a year after the first half eagles were struck. The so-called No Motto eagles were made at New Orleans through 1860 when production was stopped by the outbreak of the Civil War during the following year; the mint didn't reopen until1879. Beginning in 1879, the production of With Motto eagles began in New Orleans and it continued through … [Read more...]

1844-O $10 Gold Liberty

Given its high mintage figure, the 1844-O is similar to the 1843-O in terms of overall and high-grade rarity. The 1844-O is usually seen in the EF40 to AU53 range and often with poor overall eye appeal. It is extremely rare in Uncirculated with six or seven known, as well as one absolutely unquestionable Proof. There are bunches and bunches graded AU55 and AU58 by NGC and PCGS, but only a small handful are CAC quality. Overall Rarity Ranking: 18th of 21 … [Read more...]

1843-O $10 Gold Liberty

The mintage figure skyrocketed to 175,162 coins in 1843, and the 1843-O Eagle is a fairly easy coin to locate in lower grades. It becomes scarce in the higher About Circulated range and it is very rare in Uncirculated with no more than six or seven known. This is an issue which is plagued by bagmarks and many coins are not fully struck at the centers. While the number of coins graded by the services in AU grades is seemingly high, only a small number are choice. … [Read more...]

1842-O $10 Gold Liberty

The 1842-O is an issue which appears to have seen wide commercial use as most are found in well-circulated grades. This is an extremely rare date in Uncirculated with around four or five known. and even properly graded AU55 and AU58 examples are very rare. In fact, I believe that this is among the harder No Motto issues from this mint to find natural color and choice surfaces. … [Read more...]

1841-O $10 Gold Liberty

The 1841-O is a numismatically desirable coin as the first year in which New Orleans Eagles were struck Fewer than 75 are known in all grades, and many are either damaged or very well worn. The 1841-O is currently unknown in Uncirculated and it is very rare in properly graded  About Uncirculated. Prices have risen dramatically for this date in the last decade, but I still think it is very undervalued, especially in Extremely Fine and higher condition. … [Read more...]

1854-O $3 Gold Princess

A Quick Look at a Stand-Alone New Orleans Gold Coin   1854 New Orleans Three Dollar Gold Piece – A true stand-alone New Orleans gold coin A stand-alone New Orleans gold coin is a coin that has unique attributes, in this case 1854-O $3G is the first and only year that a coin of the $3 denomination was ever produced at the New Orleans mint. As a cherry on top for this issue; it is also the very first year of production for any $3G coin at any U.S. Mint! Since it was the only $3 gold piece struck at New Orleans and it has an affordable price point it has always been a New Orleans gold coin. The typical 1854-O is not boldly struck and some pieces are seen with mint-made defects in the fields. This is compounded by the fact that … [Read more...]

1895-O $10 Gold Liberty PCGS MS62 CAC

1895 New Orleans Eagle PCGS MINT STATE 62CAC Original Mintage 98,000 Total Population 1242 MS62 Population 168 CAC Population 10   The 1895-O ranks as the 10th rarest “with motto” Eagle out of the 16 issues, which sounds very ordinary-until you take a closer look. This date, when available is normally seen in AU grades. It is also almost impossible to find a piece without a liberal amount of abrasion. The 95-O is never seen in grades higher than MS63, with a lone NGC MS64 somewhere tucked away, that the numismatic community will probably never see as there is NO public record of it trading hands as far back as we can research. A high record of over $9000 was recorded in February 2013 for a MS63 graded … [Read more...]

1853-O $10 Gold Liberty MS60

1853-O: This is an odd date as it is not rare in terms of the total known to exist, but it is exceedingly rare in Uncirculated with just four or five accounted for. It is not hard to locate an 1853-O in grades up to AU55 although most of the ones graded by PCGS and NGC show below-average eye appeal. A properly graded AU58 with choice surfaces and natural color is about the best available to collectors. As with the 1852-O, the strike seen on this date is always weak on the stars and the reverse is sharper than the obverse. This Mint State example is the best we have had the opportunity to handle and will no doubt be a cornerstone to any New Orleans gold coin collection. It shows full mint skin with unusually well struck obverse devices. … [Read more...]