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Important Announcement from the Gold Watch Dog : DO NOT BUY THIS COIN!!!

  American Eagle 2018 One Ounce Palladium Proof Coin This is not our normal post- we buy and sell coins. So we generally tell you Buy or sell-right? Never "DO NOT BUY". This will save you money in the long run, believe me. This coin was released from the US Mint on September 6, this year at less than $1400. It was an immediate sell out, pushing premiums up so fast that the market went to nearly double in days. That's fantastic if you could buy 20 coins from the mint and resell as soon as you got them in the mail.....but you could only get 1 coin from the mint!!!! There are retailers out there just like us capitalizing on this hype charging nearly $5000 per coin. If you want these for your collection just take a pause. In due time the price will shrink to a decent level. Then it's … Read More

Why You Should do Business with the Imperial Currency Team

In todays rare coin market it is easy to find a dealer or 20 of them , just by the old google search. The question you then have to ask is which is the right one to trust with your rare coin business. There are many things you should investigate but, at the end of the day you have to find someone you trust and truly enjoy doing business with.  The Imperial Currency Team is one of the best choices out there. Below is an important list that we are proud to say-this is why you should trust Imperial Currency with all of your rare coin and precious metal needs. Over 60 years experience in the rare coin and bullion markets Two way market in all the products we offer Direct pipeline of U.S. gold purchases from Europe Our lead numismatist has handled many of the great rarities from … Read More

Silver Hits 2 Year Low!

  Best time to buy silver in two years! Silver found a new 2 year low this week (August 13-17,2018) Many investors are asking themselves, “when will silver go up?” Unfortunately it’s tough to get a straight answer, even from experts. Here's what we know- it is impossible to time the precious metals markets perfectly. However it does make a lot of sense to buy the dips. Moving forward, geopolitical events and potential Fed rate hikes will certainly be key factors to watch. Put all of those things aside, the real key is supply and demand. The truth is that the above ground supply exceeds demand right now. The direct result is a two year low...for now. What does that mean for silver bugs? We say its a nice buying opportunity window. There are lots of different options when it comes to … Read More