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United States Key Date Rare Coins

United States Key Date Rare Coins Trey Cox 10.3.2017 Going back to the birth of our great nation’s currency, in 1793- every series of coins struck have dates that are harder to obtain that the rest. Some of the criteria that make a coin a key date are obvious; like a lower mintage than the others in a particular series. These types of coins will always be fundamentally rare. Some coins are extremely rare in high uncirculated grades. These are known as condition rarities and can also become key dates. Whatever makes a coin a key date one thing has held true in the rare coin market, key date coins have always commanded a premium over other coins. As an example, take a look at the $2.5 Indian Head Gold series. The key date is 1911 Denver. The branch mint in Denver struck 55,600 coins that … Read More

Key Date Gold American Eagles

Signed into law by Ronald Reagan, the Gold American Eagle represents the first legal tender gold coins in over 50 years for the United States. Gold American Eagles are produced in 4 sizes. 1oz,1/2 oz., 1/4 oz., 1/10 oz. Since their inception in 1986 Gold American Eagles quickly became the most popular bullion coin in the world. A fact that many do not realize is that hidden in this series of coins are many true rarities. Mintages of certain dates of Gold American Eagles rival many pre 1933 gold pieces that trade for tens of thousands of dollars. even in low grades. In fact some of the pre 1933 issues do not exist in the grades that key date Gold American Eagles do. But what if they did? Looking at prices commanded by even lower grades of pre 1933 coinage it's reasonable to say the top … Read More

Morgan Silver Dollars-The Most collected Silver Dollar in U.S. History

This series of coins were minted from 1878- 1921, with a break from 1905-1920. Named after its designer George T. Morgan. This heavy one-ounce silver dollar was struck at five different mints. Including Carson City. The series contains two dates considered to be included in the 100 greatest U.S. coins ever produced.  1895 Philadelphia and 1893 San Francisco issues. Both are generally thought of to be two of but not the only key dates in the entire set. There are many ways to collect Morgan Dollars, but to own a well-struck bright white coin that looks as fresh as the day it was made is special. On the other hand to hold a Morgan silver dollar that has been stored in its original canvas bag from the mint with brilliant tones of gold, green, blue, or purple that the bag created is also a … Read More