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Gold Market Update

On Tuesday, June 18th, Gold climbed more than 1% to a near 14-month high, supported by statements from the U.S. Federal Reserve. U.S. gold futures were up by 0.8% at $1,353.7 per ounce. Spot gold was up about 1% at $1,352.23 per ounce. Last week, prices had hit a high of $1,358.34, the highest it’s been since April 11. Gold has risen 6% since hitting the 2019 lowest point of $1,265.85 in early May.Based on this information, here’s what we recommend. Pre 1900 $20 Liberty Gold Double Eagles MS62. These coins’ trade at a tiny premium to their gold value. You may expect the price tag of a 120-year-old coin, in gem quality, to be thousands of dollars over the price of gold, but you’d be surprised. We have a limited quantity of these $20 Gold Pieces graded by PCGS and NGC available at … Read More

A Special Coin for a Special Cause : 2019 W Burnished Silver American Eagle

As the summer of 2019 arrives the U.S. Mint is releasing one of its most popular coins. The West Point minted burnished Silver American Eagle is out on May 29th. This of course is not really new news as it has been on the calendar all year. The reason this year is special for us is; we have been asked to participate in a program that will directly benefit our country’s wounded veterans. United States 1st Sgt. Christopher Roseberry has built an organization called Dogs For Our Brave. They train and place service dogs with our country’s soldiers who were wounded protecting our freedom. We are proud to be able to be a part of this program.  1st Sgt. Roseberry with personally sign 250-2019 Burnished Silver Eagles graded Mint State 70 from the First Day of Issue. Upon the completion … Read More

1893-S The King of All Morgan Silver Dollars

Key of Morgan Dollar Series Mintage 100,00 The 1893-S Morgan Dollar is recognized as the absolute key date of the series and has demand at all grade levels. This date  has the lowest mintage for a circulation strike of the series with just 100,000 minted. Unlike many other dates of the series, no hoards have ever appeared on the market, and it seems highly unlikely that any ever will. Most examples will be encountered in circulated condition, with a high concentration in VF. A very limited supply of mint state pieces are available. The finest known 1893-S Morgan Silver Dollar is a piece graded by PCGS as MS67, which sold by private-treaty for over a million dollars recently. We just acquired an original example graded Very Fine 25 by NGC. That will make a welcome … Read More

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