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1854-O $3 Gold Princess


A Quick Look at a Stand-Alone New Orleans Gold Coin   1854 New Orleans Three Dollar Gold Piece – A true stand-alone New Orleans gold coin A stand-alone New Orleans gold coin is a coin that has unique attributes, in this case 1854-O $3G is the first and only year that a coin of the $3 denomination was ever produced at the New Orleans mint. As a cherry on top for this issue; it is also the very first year of production for any $3G coin at any U.S. Mint! Since it was the only $3 gold piece struck at New Orleans and it has an affordable price point it has always been a New Orleans gold coin. The typical 1854-O is not boldly struck and some pieces are seen with mint-made defects in the fields. This is compounded by the fact that the majority of survivors have been cleaned or … Read More